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At Axim Planning & Wealth, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve the security in retirement they deserve. As independent financial advisors, we understand the hard work and dedication it takes to build your wealth over a lifetime, and we want to help ensure that your financial journey is dependable and your assets are safeguarded. Our team at Axim Planning & Wealth thrives on connecting with our clients. That’s why we put the humanity of our clients before the number in their bank accounts. By working together, we help to collaboratively pave the way toward your successful retirement.

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Disrupting The Financial World With Humanity.

Tim Lofton has made it his mission to help others become financially independent, and with his extensive experience in the industry, he is well qualified to do so. Tim’s journey began with a loving family, but money was sparse, so he understood the meaning of the word struggle from an early age. Throughout his early adulthood, Tim developed a strong work ethic, seeking high-paying careers and equating money with success. He lived a life striving for excellence so he wouldn’t have to suffer financially in adulthood the way he had in childhood. As he matured, Tim began to question what was driving him and realized it was one thing: freedom.

Tim began his career in financial services at a large corporate firm and then another, and then he realized that the cookie-cutter formula they offered did not fully serve his clients. The one-size-fits-all plans worked in the firm’s best interest, not the client’s. He realized that for his clients to truly benefit from his knowledge, Tim would have to forge a new path, disrupting the financial world with humanity and launching a fiercely independent practice, Axim Planning & Wealth. Now leading with integrity and grit, Tim and his team have built a practice that puts their clients at the core of their work, and they have made it a priority to help ensure people feel safe in retirement with a steady, reliable income.

With a straightforward approach, our team at Axim Planning and Wealth values our clients, their stories, and their dreams. That’s why we design financial plans uniquely tailored for the individual, with their lifestyle and dreams in mind. Tim has experienced his hardships, found resilience, and now puts those skills to work, helping others make their money work for them. Our goal is to help you rise to your full potential in retirement and reach your dreams.



Matt Jadwisiak embodies a legacy of diligence rooted in a blue-collar work ethic cultivated by his family. His early immersion into the workforce at 14 fostered an innate understanding of the correlation between hard work and financial value. After graduating college, despite the economic climate posing challenges, Matt’s aspiration for a career in financial services persisted. He worked in the software business for years until he reconnected with his childhood mentor, Tim Lofton, and chose a path together in financial services. Together Matt and Tim established Axim Planning and Wealth, a practice dedicated to empowering communities with the retirement independence they deserve.

Matt’s approach transcends the cookie-cutter mold; it’s a strategy meticulously tailored to each client’s unique needs. At Axim Planning and Wealth, our mission is to fully understand your needs and craft a personalized financial blueprint, unlocking the door to the freedom in retirement that you dream of.



Brett Loftis’s journey began in a small town where hard work was a way of life. As a young adult, he helped his dad scale up his construction business, Which led to a career path in that direction for a time. When he met Tim Lofton, he worked at a big box firm, writing insurance. They shared the same morals and values, truly wanting to help their clients, and when Bret realized that the practice they were a part of preferred scare tactics over safe money strategies, Bret left the practice. He later reconnected with Tim and joined the team at Axim Planning and Wealth, where he could follow his passion for helping people enjoy freedom in retirement.

Bret puts his clients at the core of his business and strives to provide relief so that they can venture confidently into their future. Together with Tim and Matt, their shared mission is to empower their community to thrive in retirement through custom-built plans to help get you to the retirement you envision.


Vice President

Luong is honored to help the individuals and families he serves pursue financial clarity as they employ a clear and disciplined approach to working toward their financial goals. He combines his deep care for those he serves with an analytical approach to portfolio management, helping to simplify the complex world of business and retirement planning for his clients.

Prior to earning his bachelor’s degree from Wright State University and founding Axim Wealth Management, LLC, Luong was a Senior Vice President and Portfolio Investment Manager (PIM) at Wells Fargo and ranked among the top money managers in the country.

Originally from Vietnam, Luong and his wife, Dr. Nancy Liu, make their home in Centerville, Ohio. Luong was a member of the U.S. Olympic Taekwondo Team for the 1988 Olympics and continues to practice martial arts today.



Sarah is our relationship manager at Axim and uses her expertise to assist clients with their day-to-day needs. Sarah has a passion for our clients and a meticulous eye for detail.

Sarah is originally from New Jersey and received her BS from Rutgers University. She was brought to Ohio shortly after graduation to pursue a management position within the veterinary field and has gained over 10 years of customer service and management experience.

With extensive knowledge gained in the financial services industry, Sarah is a key contributor to solutions in the ever-changing marketplace.

A world traveler, visiting over 20+ countries, Sarah has embraced interacting with new people and exploring new cultures.

Sarah enjoys spending her time with her husband Brandon and their dogs in Liberty Township.


Office Manager | Customer Relations

Our Partners

CPA | Tax Planning

Our mission is to take care of our client’s tax, accounting, and financial needs. We are here to worry about the details so that our clients can worry about their businesses and families.

Matt earned his Bachelor of Science in Business from Wright State University in 2001. He spent over 11 years with an Ohio based regional accounting firm and over 5 years with a local firm prior to joining Gary Bardon CPA, Inc. to form Bardon & Brackman CPAs and Business Advisors.

Born and raised in the Dayton area Matt provides a wide variety of tax, accounting, business consulting, and financial planning for his clients. His primary focus is serving privately owned businesses and their owners, financial statements, tax compliance and planning.

Matt is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants, and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

ESQ. | Estate Planning | Business Planning

Jeff McCroskey graduated from University of Cincinnati with a degree in accounting (BBA, 1983), University of Dayton School of Law (JD, 1988) and Harvard Business School (OPM, 1993). Jeff also earned a certificate in Personal Financial Planning from Xavier University (2017).

After graduating from law school, Jeff represented small to medium size enterprises on a variety of legal matters, including entity selection, entity formation, capital structure planning, capital raises, residential and commercial real estate, shareholder disputes, employment matters, M&A and business contract drafting and negotiations.

Jeff joined NCR Corporation in 1994 as a Director of Global Strategic Planning, Alliances & Channels for the NCR Banking Division where he and the team managed a portfolio of more than one hundred global “partners” spanning the alliance spectrum from suppliers to equity joint ventures. In 1997, Jeff was asked to move to London, England. In London Jeff was appointed Managing Director of Global Alliances & Channels for NCR’s Banking Division.

Jeff returned to the United States in 1999, when the NCR CFO asked him to lead NCR’s Corporate M&A organization for Banking, Retail & Services Industries, where he was responsible for the end2end targeting, origination, synergy modeling, due diligence, closing and post – close-integration.

Property & Casualty Insurance Consulting

For the past 14 years Dane Harding has assisted both high net-worth and business owners mitigate risk through insurance planning. Dane left a large insurance company to start his own practice after recognizing the industry miss of a “one size fits all” product offering. With over two thousand clients and a 98% retention rate, Dane has demonstrated that going the extra mile, being responsive and creating customized solutions as an independent agency, is the way to create long lasting relationships. 

The company’s goal is to first provide award-winning service to our clients. We protect family and business assets and income streams by thoroughly reviewing their insurance needs and making them feel like family in the process.

Dane graduated “Magna Cum Laude” from Wright State University with a BS in Criminal Justice and with a minor in Chinese. He enjoys spending his private time flying as a private pilot and as a certified SCUBA diver, having dived on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, in Fiji, and other tropical paradises. He lives with his wife, Dr. Desiree Harding, in downtown Cincinnati.

Finding Your Independence.

As a fiercely independent financial advisory, we have built a practice that focuses on putting our clients at the center of our work. We understand the financial sector is complicated, and we want to simplify financial concepts that will most benefit the client and maximize their lifestyle and financial future. At Axim Planning & Wealth, we work diligently to help provide the most impact to our client’s unique needs by offering personalized, holistic financial plans focusing on comprehensive investment methods and risk management. Our agenda is simple: to help get you closer to independence and closer to your dreams for retirement.

Forging A Holistic Path To Independence.

At Axim Planning & Wealth, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve the security in retirement they deserve. As independent financial advisors, we understand the hard work and dedication it takes to build your wealth over a lifetime, and we want to help ensure that your financial journey is dependable and your assets are safeguarded. Our team at Axim Planning & Wealth thrives on connecting with our clients. That’s why we put the humanity of our clients before the number in their bank accounts. By working together, we help to collaboratively pave the way toward your successful retirement.


I’ve been able to send them just a text or make a quick phone call and they’ve been very, I mean, very prompt in responding and very on point with their responses and they’ve been very helpful.

Brent & Paula Gibson

He explains every little thing to you. If you don’t understand finances, if you don’t understand the stock market, he takes his time. He can spend hours and hours with you on the phone until you understand and feel comfortable.

Cindy Conover

My wife and I were trying, were struggling with some financial advisors at one of our banks, and they seemed to be giving us some very poor information. Hard to get a hold of, hard to get him to call us. And anyway, we found Bret and he helped answer all our questions and got us going forward with some good plans and some good thoughts, good ideas and generally just, we have had nothing but success with what he said to us so far.

James Creamer

They don’t just know us, they know what’s important to us and they have put together a model where we can pursue what is important to us in our retirement … and still stay within
our means.

Beth Montgomery

Tim Matt, and Luong, they’ve come across to me as a uh team of professionals, competent, friendly, uh they uh they know what they’re doing and in general, uh very approachable.

Jay Jayanth

I have that a plan is in place to achieve what I want to achieve. That it’s being managed that it’s being monitored. It’s not static, it’s living and it’s dynamic.

Sharyn Harper
The preceding testimonials were provided by our current clients. No cash or non-cash compensation was provided to any client for their testimonial.


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